Tips for Maternity & Newborn Sessions


Maternity Your comfort is most important, please be assured that this is my priority during our maternity session.  I strive to not only capture beautiful moments for you and your spouse, but also make the experience enjoyable and comfortable.  As a woman myself, I understand the strong desire for your portraits to be as flattering as possible during your pregnancy.

Please do not wear anything with elastic on your belly for a few hours before your session.  The elastic can leave unflattering markings on your belly.  Watches and some other jewelry can have this same effect.  Do not forget your feet!  Tight socks can leave marks too; consider wearing flip-flops to your session.


Newborns Newborns love to be warm and cozy, but who doesn’t love those adorable photographs of a newborn in their birthday suit? If you choose to have your newborn session in the comfort of your own home I highly suggest that an hour before I arrive for our session you raise the heat in your home so that your little one is comfortable. Comfortable babies sleep, and a lot of the poses that I try with the little ones look ideal with sleeping babies.  No need to worry, I love awake babies too. Please feed your baby before the session so that he or she has a full tummy.  Also, if you’d like shots of your baby undressed, please undress him/her and loosen the diaper, then wrap you baby in a blanket, and feed him/her.  Otherwise, your baby may get upset at being undressed with they were so cozy.  I do like to photograph a newborn mostly with no clothes, but  feel free to lay out a couple of outfits or special blankets you would like us to wrap them in. I often use parents as backdrops for baby, please wear a black shirt and black pants if possible.

Please note, newborn sessions can take a few hours due to the baby’s mood and sleeping habits.  I have all the patience in the world to sit and wait til the timing is right.

When doing poses where the baby is undressed, please know it is normal and okay for the baby to relieve him/herself on my backdrops. It happens all the time and does not bother me one bit.  I launder all my backdrops after each session.

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