Tips for a Successful Session


Tips for Children

What if my child doesn’t cooperate? First, if you believe that your child is sick, we are better off rescheduling than forcing them through a session while they are uncomfortable. That said, there are many times that children are completely healthy and don’t want to comply!  We’ll take our time, get to know each other, and have fun. It’s my goal to put the child at ease from the start, go with their moods, and stop for breaks as necessary.

How can I help my child to cooperate? Children should be well-rested and not hungry.  A  snack and drink before the session will keep them content…just make sure they have clean faces when we start!  If they do need to stop for a snack, please  no sugar or anything messy!  Try to keep distractions to a minimum – toys put away, TV off, etc..  Keep discussions about the session to a minimum beforehand – if you build it up too much in their minds, it can backfire!  The more you talk about how you want them to behave, the more likely they will burst under the pressure (or just act out to torture us – ha!).

What should I do during the session? In general, the parents typically play more of  a passive role during the session.  Here’s the thing…kids listen to other adults better than they do their own parents.  Who knows why, but they do.  When a toddler or child is having a rough time, I often encourage the parents to step away a bit.  We just talk and play and I keep them at ease.  I can sneak in some great pictures this way.  And I definitely don’t mind the occasional fit or tears – those images are priceless, too!  I have all the patience we need…and don’t be embarrassed if they really act up – I have kids, too so I understand first hand! Babies and little ones might have some anxiety if the parents aren’t nearby…and that’s OK.  We’ll do our best to keep the comfortable and relaxed! If you are concerned about what approach would work best with your child, just let me know before the session and we can talk it over.

Safety First. Safety is important tome and while I take all the  precautions with my equipment, please keep watch of your little ones.  I appreciate the playful nature that children poses; however playing with my equipment is not permitted.  Thank you.

What to wear


Children Bright and vibrant colors are good, but busy prints & brand logos can take the focus away from the subject. That said I l do love fun and fashionable outfits too.  Just keep in mind that the image will then be just as much about the outfit as it is the child.

Don’t be afraid to throw in a fun scarf,  hooded jacket or hats!   Bare feet look more natural and relaxed for all ages.  If they are going to wear shoes, watch for dirt and scuff marks that might be distracting.  For outside locations, we can slip shoes on and off if you like.


Babies I love bare skin babies!  We really want to showoff their cute little bodies and tiny parts ratherthan clutter the image with baggy clothes. Diaper covers, hats and blankets are all goodoptions for babies.



Families Groups look best in similar styles or colors, but do not have to match or be exactly the same.  Most of my clients choose casual everyday clothes over dressing up in something more formal.  If you aren’t sure, bring out several outfits and we can look through them together! If we are meeting on location, we can always chat before the session!

Here is a good link for ideas for family clothing:   WHAT TO WEAR



At Home Shooting at home is often a way to keep people and children most comfortable in their own surroundings.  Please don’t drive yourself crazy getting your house ready before I come over.  I know the reality of life.

If the weather & light permits, we can shoot inside and outside in the same session.  When I arrive, I will check out various areas of the house for proper lighting and determine where we should shoot.


On-Location Shooting on-location offers a great variety of  scenery.  Consider a “urban look” – downtown areas can be funky and modern.  And you can never go wrong with the beauty of a park or garden. I’m up for anything, so let me know what you have in mind!  I also have a few ideas and favorite locations I can suggest.

Keep in mind when on location you may want to bring a mirror or brush or make-up to touch up.  And if you plan on an outfit change there may not be a room to change in.  But a car and a blanket can provide a little privacy.


At the Studio If the weather is no cooperating and you feel like your house is not adequate for a photo shoot, or you just prefer the studio look, we can always use my studio.


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