About Me

Hi my name is Shannon Snyder.  Defining Details has been my main gig for nearly 15 years.  In the ever changing world of photography you could call me a veteran.  The silver hair proves this.  I would describe my style as bright and fun with clean and simple editing, and an occasional glimpse of photoshop extras for a bit of flair.  But lets be honest…there is so much more to me than DDP.  I love all things orange, eclectic and bright.  I’m a girl from the 70s, so vintage is my jam. There’s a hippy stuck inside me that desperately tries to escape the older I get.  I am what they call a maker.  I don’t really know what that means but I’m a creative and an artist. I am always trying new mediums. Currently my obsession is macramé and all things boho.  I love my family most of all.  This includes all the 4 legged creatures we have.  Oh wait, chickens only have two legs.  I have been married for almost 20 year to an awesome guy who loves Jesus and His people more than anyone I know.  He inspires and scares me all at the same time.  We push each other’s comfort zones a lot…and this has created an amazing life for us.  My kids are hilarious and my constant entertainment.  I have four teenagers ranging from 18-14 yrs old.  One is off to college this year while the others are all in high school together.  They keep me busy.  I am a mama first and foremost, not just to my kids but their friends and foster babies as well.  It’s who I was created to be and I thrive in this role.  I am also a substitute teacher which is amazing and so rewarding.  Give me all the misfits!  I’m getting bored talking about my old self so I’ll stop here.  I hope this gives you a bit of an  idea of who I am.  I look forward to capturing you and your family for years to come.